Vracíme, co si bereme. Víme jak, víme proč.

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Summer day-camp of Young explorer of the nature for elementary school children 5-11 years

Date of the day-camp and its name:

17.8 - 21.8. 2020 Kingdom Galore

See detail information bellow.

Contact coordinator of the camp:

Anezka Prosecka, anezka.prosecka@ekodomov.cz, tel: 792 300 667

The camp is set in the area of garden Šárynka, where a children’s club for preschool kids, inspired by forest kindergartens, takes place.
There are two yurts – old one Under the Black berries tree and the new one Under the Spruce.
And in the are around the yurt Under the Spruce the camp will happen. The yurt has diameter 8 meters and there is enough space for children to relax in the hot summer afternoons.

Qualfied and proven instructors will take care of your children’s well spent free time.

Carriage of children:

Carriage means, that instructor can meet the children at the Metro station „Dejvická“ or „V Podbabě“ and take them to the garden and in the afternoon meet the parents on the same place.
Morning meeting time will be around 7:30 - 7:45, afternoon meeting time around 16:15 - 16:30.
If you are interested in the carriage of your child, let us know in the form in the part „Other information“.


3 300 CZK

Sibling discount:

3 200 CZK/child + coupon in value 200 CZK for a purchse in e-shop:


Detail information about payment will be sent to you until 14 days after sending the application. Due date will be stated on the payment order.

Discount in e-shop Ekonákup:

With each application parents recieve 5% discount for purchase in the e-shop.
The discount will be sent to your e-mail before beginning of the camp.
(the cupoun 5 % and sibling discount 200 CZK can not be combined in one purchase)

Cancellation fees:

For cancellation of the application following fees apply:

At least 31 days before begining of the term: 10% of the price
30-14 das before: 50%
1 days before: 90%


For all kids there will be morning and afternoon snack and two-meal lunch. We recommend to pack some extra snack or little breakfast for childern, who don’t eat breakfast in the early morning.


Minimum 8 kids, maximum 16 kids.


8 am – 4 pm, children sleep at home

Schedule of the day:

  8:00 -  8:30

Calm beginning, drawing experiences from the day before

  8:30 -  9:00

Common morning round, opening exercise or game

  9:00 - 12:00

Morning part and snack

12:00 - 14:00

Lunch, rest, relaxing games or crafts

14:00 - 15:30

Afternoon part with snack

15:30 - 16:00

Common afternoon round

16:00 - 16:30

Going home



Anezka Prosecka
Coordinator of the day-camp of Young explorer of the nature
tel.: 792 300 667

Mgr. Radek Lüftner
Coordinator of the course Young explorer of the nature
tel.: 739 408 921

Project is financially supported by Prague City Hall and Central Bohemian Region.


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